Minor in Environment and Culture


Admission Requirements:

Completion of first-year requirements including any Arts and Humanities or Social Science 0.5 or 1.0 essay course.

Module 4.0 Courses:

(a) 2.0 courses from:

2203F/G    Indigenous Peoples, Globalization and the Environment (cross-listed with INDIGSTU 2203F/G)
2260F/G    "Nature" in the City
2262F/G    The Production and Consumption of Global Commodities
2264F/G    Issues in Primate Conservation
2267F/G    Anthropology of Zoos (online)
2269F/G    Special Topics in Environment and Culture
3322          Field Course in Environmental Anthropology
3369F/G    Advanced Special Topics in Environment Culture

2156A/B    Animal Geographies
2411F/G    Indigenous Environments (cross-listed with INDIGSTU 2601F/G)
3432A/B    Environmental Hazards and Human Health
3441F/G    Conservation and Development

Indigenous Studies
2203F/G    Indigenous Peoples, Globalization and the Environment (cross-listed with ANTH 2203F/G)
2601F/G    Indigenous Environments (cross-listed with GEOG 2411F/G)

(b)  1.0 course from:

2211F/G    Cultures of the Caibbean (cross-listed with INDIGSTU 2211F/G)
2212F/G    Cultures of the Pacific (cross-listed with INDIGSTU 2212F/G)
2216F/G    Anthropological Perspectives on Latin America (cross-listed with INDIGSTU 2216F/G)
2219F/G    Cultures of the Middle East
2240A/B    Evolution, Ecology and Human Health

Also included: the former ANTH/FNS 2217F/G First Nations Traditional Cultures of Canada

2020A/B    Latin America and the Caribbean: Landscapes of Inequality
2030A/B    Africa South of the Sahara
2040A/B    Geography of East and South-east Asia

Indigenous Studies
2218F/G    Contemporary Indigenous Issues (formerly cross-listed with ANTH 2218F/G)

(c) 1.0 course from:

2272F/G    Anthrpology of Tourism (online)
2281F/G    Anthropology of Development (online)
3309F/G    Hunting and Gathering Societies

3442F/G    Geographies of Development
3445F/G    Global Agriculture and Food Systems

History (offered at Brescia)
2211E       Topics in Canadian Environmental History

Also included, the former History 3407F/G  Themes in European Environmental History

Centre for Global Studies (offered at Brescia)
3509F/G    Indigenous Peoples and Global Dispossession

Political Science
2137      The Politics of the Environment
2235E    The Politics of the Environmnet (offered at King's)

Note: This Minor may be combined with other Anthropology modules. In such cases, a maximum of 1.0 course may be counted for credit towards both modules.

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