Minor in Refugee And Migrant Studies


Admission Requirements:

Completion of first-year requirements including any of: Anthropology 1021A/B or the former 1020 or 1020E; 1025F/G; Geography 1100, 1400F/G, 1500F/G; Centre for Global Studies 1000E; Political Science 1020E; Sociology 1020, 1021E.

Module 4.0 Courses:

(a) 1.5 courses from:

2282F/G   The Anthropology of Migration
2283F/G   Refugees and the Displaced
2289F/G   Special Topics in Refugee and Migrant Studies
3305F/G   History, Territory & the Politics of Identity
3349F/G   Frontiers and Borderlands
3389F/G   Advanced Special Topics in Migrant and Refugee Studies

Centre for Global Studies (at Huron College)
3512F/G   Engaging Global Human Displacement

(b) 1.5 courses from:

2203F/G   Indigenous Peoples, Globalization and the Environment (cross-listed with INDIGSTU 2203F/G)
2211F/G   Cultures of the Caribbean (cross-listed with INDIGSTU 2211F/G)
2212F/G   Cultures of the Pacific (cross-listed with INDIGSTU 2212F/G)
2216F/G   Cultures of Latin America (cross-listed with INDIGSTU FNS 2216F/G)
2219F/G   Cultures of the Middle East
2281F/G   Anthropology of Development

3202F/G  National and Global Perspectives on Cultural Studies (formerly 2260F/G)

First Nations Studies
2218F/G   Contemporary First Nations Issues in Canada (formerly ANTH 2218F/G)

(c) 1.0 course from:

2250F/G   Verbal Art, Performance and Speech Play
2255E       Feminist Perspectives in Anthropology
2277F/G    Anthropology of Disaster (New!)
3354F/G    Disability and Health in Local and Global Worlds

2142A/B   Geopolitics
3441F/G   Conservation and Development
3442F/G   Geographies of Development

2703F/G  Immigration, Ethnicity & Nationality in Canada & the U.S.: Histories of Inclusion and Exclusion
3807E     The Jewish Immigrant Experience in North America, 1880-1945

Political Science
3388E   International Human Rights

2143E   Minority Groups

Note: Many of these courses are offered in alternating years. Check the Timetable for availability.

Note: This Minor may be combined with other modules offered by the Department of Anthropology. In such cases, a maximum of 1.0 course may be counted for credit in both modules.

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