Graduate Research Seminar

The Anthropology Graduate Research Seminar for 2021-22 will take place on Fridays, 1:30-2:30 in SSC 2257.

Course Aim & Learning Outcomes

This seminar is organized by the Department of Anthropology. All graduate students present their research results in the seminar during the second half of their programs. Time permitting, faculty members and guest speakers may also present papers on their ongoing research in anthropology. This required course does not count for credit but appears as an audit on transcripts.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

  • Be familiar with the current research of colleagues and faculty members.
  • Appreciate the different ways in which anthropology is defined.
  • Have been introduced to new theoretical perspectives and approaches that might be useful in their own research.
  • Recognize what makes for an engaging and effective public presentation.
  • Know how to effectively communicate with colleagues across sub-disciplinary boundaries.

Recent Presentations


2021-22 Schedule

Date What's On? Who Should Attend?
Fall 2021
Sept.10  Department Research in the Spotlight Everyone welcome & encouraged to participate!

Workshop:SSHRC Doctoral Scholarship Applications (Applications due Sept. 24 @ 8:00pm)

Recommended for students applying for SSHRCD scholarships

Workshop: Citavi Citation Management

Federica Guccini

Anyone interested in learning Citavi
Oct. 1 No seminar
Oct. 8

Student Presentations:

Teegan Muggridge

Bioarchaeological Knowledge Mobilisation at the Museo Pachacamac

Natalia Parra

Narratives of Colombian Women Refugees

Required session
Oct. 15 Gehman Lecture - Dr. Anne Meneley (via Zoom)

Everyone encouraged to attend

Note time: 12:30pm

Oct. 22

Student Presentations:

Fattimah Hamam

COVID-19 Birth Experiences in Quebec and Ontario

Nicole Phillips

Antibiotic Influences on Human Health and Life History Outcomes

Required session
Oct. 29 Graduate Program Open House/Info Session (in person and online) Students interested in applying for the graduate program
Nov. 5

Fall Study Break – No seminar

Nov. 12

Student Presentations:

Jessica Sadlowski

Stable Isotope Analysis of Infant Feeding Practices in 19th Century Montreal

Maddie Hertz

Variation in Habitual Activity and Body Composition: A Segmental Body Comparison of Runners and Swimmers

Required session
Nov. 19 Workshop: CGSM Scholarship Applications  (Applications due Dec. 1) Recommended for students applying for CGSM scholarships
Nov. 26

Student Presentations:

Sydney Rowinski

Surveying the Industry: A Professional Profile of Cultural Resource Management in Canada

Lauren Poeta

Childhood in Pre-Columbian Peru: Biological and Social Indices of Personhood

Pauline Kirgis (visiting student)

Bugs and Mummies

Required session
Dec. 3

Anthro 9201A Class Presentations:

Rawand Amsdr, Zsofia Agoston Villalba, Javier Alvarez

Improving Networking Supports for Diverse Women in the Workplace
Required session
Winter 2022
Jan. 7 Workshop: MA Thesis Proposals & PhD Statements of Interest (due in April/May) Required session for all first-year  students; recommended for supervisors
Jan. 14 Workshop: OGS Scholarship Applications (Applications due Feb. 1) Recommended only for students applying for a NEW OGS scholarship
Jan. 21 Research Ethics Information Session: Katelyn Harris Required session for students applying to NMREB for approval
Jan. 28

Student Presentations:

Ricki-Lynn Achilles

Victoria Lavallee

Required session
Feb. 4 No seminar
Feb. 11

Darnell Distinguished Lecture - Dr. Adia Benton Northwestern University

Everyone encouraged to attend
Feb. 18

Student Presentations:

Alex Nelson

Aidan Attema

Required session

Feb. 25

February Reading Week - No seminar 

Mar. 4

Student Presentations:

Ajay Maharaj

Matt Severn

Required session
Mar. 11

Spence Lecture – Dr. Jeff McKee – Ohio State University

Everyone encouraged to attend
Mar. 18

Student Presentations:

Samantha Albanese

Raisa Masud

Required session
Mar. 25

No seminar

Apr. 1 No seminar