Anthropology Program Modules

The Anthropology program offers several different modules allowing you to incorporate anthropology into your degree, or to specialize in some particular field of anthropology. The various modules allow students to develop both specialized and more general degree programs, so you have the choice of focusing on one anthropological field, taking a more generalist anthropology degree, or combining anthropology with work in other disciplines.

Knowing that many students develop an interest in anthropology through a single introductory course, or even through one of our open second year courses, we have recently made some changes to our modules to ensure that anyone who wants to do a module with us can do a module with us

Students who are already registered and following an Anthropology module this year or from a previous year may stay with their current module. Alternatively, students can switch to following the updated module moving forward. No official action is required. 

Questions? If this is a little muddy and you'd like some help understanding the changes, or maybe to see how adding an anthropology module fits with your courses, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so we can lead you through it.

New Anthropology modules effective for 2022/2023:


Interdisciplinary Minors

The Anthropology program is a participant in the following interdisciplinary minor programs: