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Welcome to Graduate Studies in Anthropology at Western!

In the Department of Anthropology at Western University, graduate students are trained to observe human behaviour and social practices of the past and present, to collect data, to reflect on what has actually, as well as apparently occurred, to research the context, to apply various explanatory models critically and to adopt a broad perspective for framing an understanding of the chosen research topic. Whatever the topic of research, anthropologists share a particular holistic vision that requires using a repertoire of methods in order to forge a deeper understanding of situations. This holism characterizes the best anthropology and imparts the perspective for which the profession is valued.

Our graduate programs build on a traditional four subdisciplinary approach incorporating sociocultural anthropology, archaeology, biological anthropology and linguistic anthropology. The structure of courses in the program allows entering students to select areas of concentration. Anthropology graduate students also have the option of participating in the Collaborative Graduate Programs in Migration and Ethnic Relations, Environment and Sustainability or Transitional Justice & Post-Conflict Reconstruction.

We offer graduate degrees at the Masters and Doctoral levels. At the Masters level we have four streams: Sociocultural Anthropology, Archaeology and Bioarchaeology, Applied Archaeology, and Intensive Applied Archaeology. At the Doctoral level we have two streams: Sociocultural Anthropology and Archaeology and Bioarchaeology.

We believe that graduate learning is best when students and faculty can meet face to face, both in formal classroom settings and as part of the life of the department. Our graduate seminars are small and energetic, giving students an opportunity to hone their skills in a collegial atmosphere where close contact with everyone in the department ensures a rich and rewarding graduate experience.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about our graduate program or the application process.

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Graduate Program Assistant: Christine Wall

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